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Chapter 785 – The Northern Continent copper whisper
In the meantime, Su Yang halted the soaring watercraft above a ma.s.sive pavilion sometime right after leaving the unfamiliar mountain optimum.
“Hmm… 2nd volume of the Sovereign Spirit Realm, huh? Not bad considering this location is merely slightly far better than the Eastern Region.” Su Yang mumbled after sensing this Cultivator’s atmosphere.
“At any rate, thanks for your time and efforts and changing the Blossom of Resurrection.” Su Yang believed to Ji Hong while he retrieved the traveling motorboat and boarded it.
A number of moments later on, she claimed, “By doing this.”
A couple of seconds in the future, Xiao Rong appeared before him following originating from somewhere and pointed in the selected course.
“No, it won’t. While I don’t recognize how cursed treasures are made, I understand how to seal off them or turn them directly back to common spiritual treasures,” Su Yang said in a quiet speech. “When we return to the Divine Heavens, I’ll cost-free it by reviewing the cursed condition and determine what sort of value it is really.”
“Is so?” Su Yang nodded and reported, “Thanks for seeking.”
“N-No! I needs to be the just one saying thanks to you, prestigious friends!” Ji Hong bowed in their eyes.
“Settle down. I don’t know what you are about because our company is from the Eastern Country, and that we require some aid looking for a couple of materials.” Su Yang said inside a nonchalant speech.
“The cursed treasure won’t result in any problems in the future, proper?” Lian Li required him.
“Hmm… Not bad, as just a Divine-class religious prize would’ve been damaged by that infiltration just now.” Su Yang claimed while he picked up his palm, by using his divine strength to access the cursed sword on the ground.
“We got to the Northern Region hoping picking out the items on this particular list. Let me know in case you recognise any one of the ones that aren’t crossed out.” Su Yang said since he handed the element list towards the shadowy body in reference to his religious power.
“No, it won’t. Despite the fact that I don’t know how cursed treasures are manufactured, I know how to close them or change them back in normal divine treasures,” Su Yang stated in a tranquil speech. “When we finally go back to the Divine Heavens, I’ll free of charge it by reviewing the cursed point out and discover what type of value it is really.”
The shadowy number sighed in a strong sound after Su Yang left behind, “I thought that I’d arrived at the pinnacle of cultivation on earth, but alas, it seems that I was a frog in a well this entire time…”
“Would you recognise the elements on that checklist?” Su Yang questioned them again an instant in the future.
‘This man… he’s telling lies.’ Su Yang considered to himself.
“Is usually that so?” Su Yang nodded and said, “Thank you for making an attempt.”
“Settle down. I don’t know who you are because our company is from your Eastern Region, and we take some assist looking to purchase a several materials.” Su Yang explained inside of a nonchalant sound.
The shadowy body investigated a list for a long second before communicating once more, “I actually do not recognize one of the companies within this collection, but that’s likely caused by my life style, because i haven’t left this peak for longer than 1,000 years. Hence, make sure you find someone else to find out if they could recognise it.”
“Who dares to travel above the Ning Family’s family?!”
Concurrently, the Cultivator that had been developing in tranquility also noticed Su Yang and the others’ appearance.
Su Yang and Lian Li disappeared out of the Ji Spouse and children shortly after, leaving behind Ji Hong speechless.
A few moments later on, they came before an enormous ground with psychic power just like the Eastern Region or else a small amount superior.
“The Eastern Region?”
Dual Cultivation
“Who dares to travel across the Ning Family’s family?!”
“Who dares to fly on top of the Ning Family’s house?!”
Su Yang nodded and managed the soaring vessel to fly because motion.
Su Yang then observed behind her.
Su Yang nodded and regulated the hovering yacht to travel in that direction.
Xiao Rong nodded and converted about, vanishing out of the arena with Su Yang and Lian Li soon after.
“No, it won’t. Although I don’t recognize how cursed treasures are manufactured, I understand how to close them or switch them returning to typical spiritual treasures,” Su Yang mentioned in the sooth sound. “When we finally return to the Divine Heavens, I’ll no cost it from its cursed status and then determine exactly what jewel it truly is.”
Other determine, an incredible center-old gal, was surprisingly at the initial measure of the Sovereign Mindset Kingdom.
Another shape, a gorgeous center-older girl, was surprisingly in the initially level of the Sovereign Mindset Kingdom.
Some moments in the future, she stated, “That way.”